What are the Advantages of Identity and Access Management Roadmap?

Establishing an Identity and Access Management or IAM roadmap is an essential for assisting your company make the most of the IAM investment and driving the organizational understanding and support. Many companies have a knack for basing their technical requirements but fail to sync their implementations to the business outcomes and fail to lay the right Identity and Access Management foundation to resolve the macro issues of the company. This is how they are unable to showcase sufficient value to the business and strive to execute their programs. We have listed the benefits of creating an IAM roadmap below. Give them a read.

  • Roadmaps tend to link the business strategies with technical strategies, making sure that you are bestowed with better outcomes by integrating the project to the key business drivers.
  • An IAM roadmap will unleash the gaps in the execution plan so that they can be duly addressed before they crop up as a problem. For instance, process changes, data quality issues or technology gaps.

  • Prioritization of projects is an essential part of development of an effective roadmap making sure that the company is investing its time and resources in the best way possible.
  • Roadmaps tend to provide a portfolio view of your program, so when the issues crop up, the decision makers can have a clear view at the tradeoffs and choices present to them in order to align with the objectives of the organization.
  • Identity and Access Management or IAM roadmap tend to offer a tool to showcase the value of the IDM solution across all business units, determining the common capabilities that can be easily leveraged and/or the golden chances to share the development costs.
  • Sharing your roadmap conveys the plan to various stakeholders so that they can consequently make the best use of the information in their own planning processes and offer their guidance and input.

  • The mental exercise of building and socializing an IAM roadmap tends to establish the opportunities and insights from a broader team.
  • Roadmapping is considered an amazing way of planning and needs a consideration of technical choices and process changes as an important part of the project rather than an afterthought. The exercise of establishing the roadmap tends to pave the way for a flawless and smooth implementation.

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