The Need for a Prominent Business Address

If you have a business or are just starting out you will know that you need a physical business address, but what if you are targeting customers in a specific area that you are not located in? For example, you are targeting Sydney residents but are based in Cairns, what are the options? According to some research most consumers are more likely to do business with a person or company that it is actually based in their location, so using this example, you need a Sydney business address. But, as we all know, Sydney is fast becoming one of the most expensive places on earth for both residents and businesses, and it is a pipedream to suggest that we can simply pack our things and move to Sydney and set up shop in commercial premises in the CBD, but there is a solution. If you are based outside of your target client area and want to target clients in Sydney, a virtual address could be the solution.

Business Sectors That Can Benefit from a Virtual Address

There are some specific business areas that would benefit from having a virtual address more than others. For example, a digital marketing company that operates almost exclusively online would find it more advantageous than a home improvement company. Although location shouldn’t be an issue in the world of online marketing, many people do feel more confident doing business with a company that is local to them, even if it’s not strictly accurate. At the end of the day, how you operate your business is nothing to do with anyone else providing you deliver what you say you deliver on time and to budget. It may be wise to check any specific state tax requirements; a local accountant may be able to help with this.

What Other Services can I obtain with my Virtual Address?

The companies that provide virtual addresses can also offer a number of related services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Serviced Offices and Meeting Room Hire
  • Competitive Mail/Business Service Rates
  • Up to 5 Business Names – Company name, Trading Name, Director name etc
  • Daily Mail Forwarding
  • Scanning and E-Mail Services
  • Receive Packages
  • Fax to E-Mail

There may also be other services available according to your needs, you will need to contact the provider for more information.

Virtual Address Costs

The cost of maintaining a virtual address largely depends on the amount of services you require. All costing should be 100% transparent and each separate service itemised. Before you actually engage any virtual address provider, it may be wise to do some background research and find out how long they’ve been in business and also look for any client reviews. There’s no doubt that having a virtual address can boost your customer confidence and result in increased target audience coverage and ultimately more sales.

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